Jocelyn Campbell grew up catching frogs and snakes, and marveling in all the different kinds of moss in the Pacific Northwest woods. She would line up the moss by type, which eventually morphed into a career of categorizing money in accounting. Her two kids grew into strapping, tall and talented young adults, despite her nerdy tendencies and assaulting them with herbs and natural remedies along the way.

Now, Jocelyn enjoys helping 1- and 2- person micro-businesses spend less time on their bookkeeping, streamline and digitize their record keeping, and keep up with the dynamic, changing needs of today’s entrepreneurs.

Services – QuickBooks, Financial Data, Accounting, Payroll

  • Hands-on QuickBooks training
  • Custom QuickBooks set up
  • Custom reports and automatic transactions
  • Quarterly taxes, payroll, general ledger maintenance
  • Payroll set up and service
  • Accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Easy “controls” to protect your info and assets
  • Record-keeping and data storage best practices

Unique Qualifications

  • Over 20 years of QuickBooks ProAdvisor experience
  • Passion for eco, local food/farm, natural health and non-profit businesses
  • Database conversion and customization skills
  • Press release and technical writing skills
  • Educational workshop teacher and coordinator
  • Some web, SEO, social media and marketing knowlege

When she’s not working with small businesses, you might find Jocelyn in the kitchen, putting on a feast night at wheaton labs (the permaculture community where she lives with her guy), or helping with her guy’s goals for world domination (the online empire). Or, she might be in the garden, visiting her family in the Seattle area, or learning about medicinal herbs and food as medicine.